Chinese Level Test - Intermediate (HSK3-4)

Welcome to take the Chinese Level Assessment Test by SN Mandarin Teaching Dpt. to quickly understand your level.

This test is good for those who've already learned and speak Chinese in a pre-intermediate level, like HSK3-4 (having learned 600-1200 vocabulary and most of the basic grammar). 
And there is NO Pinyin above the questions or answers.
This test is mainly to test your reading and grammar level which assumes that your conversational level is similar level. If your conversational level and reading level are very different, or if you can only speak, but can't read Chinese characters, please tell us and book a live conversational test online. 
If you're around HSK1-3 level or higher level around HSK5-6, this test is not suitable for you. Please ask for related tests.
Best Regards,
SN Mandarin